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從 telegram 的 idoleat 得知, TediCross 未來可能會停止維護。 消息來源自 2022-04-04 TediCross 的 TG 公告:


TediCross 0.11.1 was just released.

This is an important update. If you don't update, your instance of TediCross will stop working after April! For update instructions, see https://github.com/TediCross/TediCross#how-do-i-update-tedicross
 This update uses the new Discord.js v13 (thanks abhrajo!), which uses the new Discord API. The old Discord API will be shut down 2022-04-30!

Running npm install is now required after updating. The code has been migrated to TypeScript (thanks lexermal!), which means there is a build step. This is handled automatically in the install step.

Note that this will likely be the final TediCross version! I am no longer using it, and have lost interest in developing it. With this update, it will likely keep working for a few years, but if nobody else takes over, it will eventually die.
  • OpenGApps 不同套組的比較: https://github.com/opengapps/opengapps/wiki/Package-Comparison
  • LineageOS + Raspberry Pi 4:
    • https://konstakang.com/devices/rpi4/LineageOS19/
  • 我有訂閱 Ben Eater ,久久才出一次影片,但每個影片的內容都非常經典,這裡也分享給大家
    • https://www.youtube.com/c/BenEater/videos


  • I225-V
    • Mat: 查到了 Linux 支援紀錄
      • https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/d89f88419f999f03af2282789f2d2eea6468c00a
  • CxxxO , iOS, MIPS , 非 Unix-like 的作業系統, 高階, 自己的 CPU
  • J…er , 在 x86 上跑魔改過的 freebsd
  • MicroG , https://microg.org/