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Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner

簡訊發送 (實驗時可先用 Google Calander 做私人訊息推送)

Twilio Cloud Communications - APIs for Voice, VoIP and Text Messaging

Simple REST SMS API for building text messaging applications | SMSified

Nexmo - Cloud SMS and Voice API that connects you directly to carriers

Ren-Chyan Chern

Plurk Open Source 斷詞系統


將家目錄下使用者資料夾權限改成 711

# find /home/ -maxdepth 1 -type d -not -path /home/ -exec chmod 711 {} \;

Markdown Editor StackEdit

Icinga vs Nagios

SAE 中文分词服务


Ardor3D hack (adding conversion TTF-to-Mesh). Educative game to help children learning Chinese characters (in Java).



docker image docket run docker run h4/fedora yum -y install emacs docker ps -l docker commit efc7c emacs docker run -i -t fedora/vim vim

结巴中文分词 fxsjy/jieba · GitHub