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自己假設流媒體伺服器,有帳號管理功能,可建立個人播放清單,有手機 APP [* Subsonic » Free Music Streamer]

  • 查詢 wine 支援的軟體 google://winehq appdb
  • playonlinux - front-end for Wine

開源、低延遲的語音軟體 [* Mumble - Open source voice communication software for Windows, Mac, and Linux in both server and client.]

比 skype 還快 (mumble : 0.5s | skype 3/4s)


Mumble TTS 會把對話文字轉成語音念出來 (Windows : text-to-speech | Linux : espeak ??)

使用的 codec 是 opus, 壓縮率比 AAC 更佳

[* Mailing Lists]

Peter : ffmpeg 有沒有支援 AVCHD 格式? Steve: decode ok; cannot encode.


  • Arch Linux 臺灣社群

  • RWD - Responsive Web Design

  • 選擇適合您的發行版本——TuxRadar Distro Picker

# jekyll serve --watch
# compass watch


Python Sprint #1 10/05
#2 10/19


HTML Presentations

  • io-2012-slides - HTML5 slide template for Google I/O 2012

  • bartaz/impress.js · GitHub

  • reveal.js - The HTML Presentation Framework


  • Prezi - Ideas matter.
bmark -title=”Prezi - 讓人目瞪口呆的簡報軟體”

  • Sozi :welcome

# apt-get install sozi


  • 使用 pdfpc 做簡報,可以預先看到下一張投影片內容

    # apt-get install pdf-presenter-console $ xrandr –output LVDS –auto –output VGA-0 –auto –primary –left-of LVDS $ pdfpc xxx.pdf


  • 要看 Linux 開機訊息可用 Ctrl+s 暫停, Ctrl+q 恢復

  • python get function parameter

    help(‘func’) 寫在函式裏的註解說明會被顯示出來 inspect.getargspec(func) Get the names and default values of a Python function’s arguments.

  • qtile widget 位置 /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/qtile-0.5-py2.7.egg/libqtile/widget

  • Bash Alt + b Back (left) one word Alt + f Forward (right) one word

    $ echo 10 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness bash: /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness: 拒絕不符權限的操作

    # 使用 tee 然後直接輸入數值 $ sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness

    powertop - Linux tool to find out what is using power on a laptop thinkfan - simple and lightweight fan control program xinput - Runtime configuration and test of XInput devices evtest - utility to monitor Linux input device events showkeys xbindkeys - Associate a combination of keys or mouse buttons with a shell command

  • bitbucket 支援的 README 格式 If your repository contains a README file at the root level, Bitbucket displays its contents below on the repository’s Overview page. Bitbucket can parse and display Markdown, reStructuredText, Textile, and plain text README files.

$ grep -rH 'start' /etc/