MobaXterm - free Xserver and tabbed SSH client for Windows

Debian : sshfs Redhat : fuse-sshfs

使用者需要加入 fuse 群組

$ sshfs user@host:remote/dir local/dir -p 22

$ fusermount -u /local/dir

$ ps ax | grep sftp
$ kill -15 PID

Mat: 上面的2行,可以改成1行指令,方便貼上直接執行~

kill -15 `ps ax | grep sftp | grep -v grep | awk '{print $1}' | xargs echo`


SnortSam - The plugin allows for automated blocking of IP addresses on following firewalls: Checkpoint Firewall-1 Cisco PIX firewalls Cisco Routers (using ACL’s or Null-Routes) Former Netscreen, now Juniper firewalls IP Filter (ipf), available for various Unix-like OS’es such as FreeBSD FreeBSD’s ipfw2 (in 5.x) OpenBSD’s Packet Filter (pf) Linux IPchains Linux IPtables Linux EBtables WatchGuard Firebox firewalls 8signs firewalls for Windows MS ISA Server firewall/proxy for Windows CHX packet filter Ali Basel’s Tracker SNMP through the SNMP-Interface-down plugin

knockd - a port-knocking server

# mount -t ecryptfs ~/private ~/private key=passphrase,ecryptfs_cipher=aes,ecryptfs_key_bytes=24,ecryptfs_passthrough=n,ecryptfs_enable_filename_crypto=y,ecryptfs_fnek_sig=cbd6dc63028e5602


GreenDAO: An Object-Relation mapping tool for Android. I am adding an annotation driven mapping + new build system using Gradle. Code at (please see the wiki page for additional info)



快速將 git mergetool with vimdiff 的 3-way 改成 left-right 比對的熱鍵組合

:% diffget 2
:wincmd q
:wincmd q
:wincmd =
:wincmd k
:wincmd q
:wincmd w
:wincmd l
:wincmd h
:wincmd l
:set wrap
:wincmd h
:set wrap

感謝asil提示: 可以用 vim cmdalias

"給 mergetool 用的熱鍵
map <F7> :% diffget 2 <CR> :w <CR> :wincmd q <CR> :wincmd q <CR> :b1 <CR> :wincmd = <CR> :wincmd k <CR> :wincmd q <CR> :wincmd w <CR> zR <CR> :wincmd l <CR> zR <CR> :wincmd h <CR> zR <CR>
map <F8> :% diffget 1 <CR> :w <CR> :wincmd h <CR> :wincmd q <CR> :wincmd = <CR> :wincmd k <CR> :wincmd q <CR> :wincmd w <CR> zR <CR> :wincmd l <CR> zR <CR> :wincmd h <CR> zR <CR>
map <F9> :wincmd l <CR> :set wrap <CR> :wincmd h <CR> :set wrap <CR>


在寫跨平台的行動裝置應用程式 Hybrid Mobile App, 目前使用 PhoneGap 2.9 (3.0 會大改版)

另外介紹一個 middleware Rhomobile | Rhodes Application User Interface


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